Too Many Lawyers

About the Show

Category: News, Politics

Too Many Lawyers goes beyond the headlines about laws and court cases to tell listeners what developments in the law really mean, and how the stories impact real people. The hosts are each lawyers and legal analysts, but beyond that couldn’t be more different. One, Royal Oakes, is a libertarian, baby boomer and dad, who’s been offering analysis on network radio and television for decades; the other, Connor Oakes, is a progressive millennial and son of Royal Oakes, who offers a fresh take on the legal world. TML knows what podcast listeners want to hear about, and delivers.

Royal Oakes and Connor Oakes

Nationally, Royal Oakes regularly appears as a legal analyst on television on Inside Edition, Fox News and several of the network morning news shows.  On the radio side, Royal is an ABC News Legal Analyst, regularly appearing in top-of-the hour newscasts.  For five years Royal was a fill-in host for Dennis Miller during Dennis’ national talk show run for Westwood One.

In Los Angeles, Royal is the legal analyst for KABC-AM, and has filled in on KABC as talk show host on hundreds of shifts.  Royal’s one-minute spot, “Focus on the Law,” has run daily in Los Angeles and in national syndication for over twenty years.

Connor Oakes is a practicing attorney with three years of podcasting and radio commentary under his belt.  Connor has co-hosted on KABC-AM.