Tripeando: Encuentra Tu Elemento

About the Show

Category: Business, Careers, Education, Self-Improvement

Pau, David and Iñigo – 3 friends who at different times in their lives made the decision to quit their jobs to pursue their passions – want to motivate you to answer what moves you? how do you want to transcend? what is your passion and how can you pursue it? We talked with the most outstanding minds who have managed to decipher and trace their path: Entrepreneurs, executives, activists, intellectuals, artists, creatives, mentors and gurus of life….

David, Pau and Iñigo

David, Pau and Iñigo are three friends that started doing Tripeando to find out what they were meant to do in life. They wanted to find their element.  And that is Tripeando…a podcast where three amigos interview successful people that have
found their path.  David is a lawyer passionate about podcasting and decided to do this full-time.  Paulina studied business but decided she wanted to become a journalist.  And Iñigo, studied economics but has found his element behind the mic, becoming a leading voice in many podcasts.