The Zingg with Eglantina Zingg

About the Show

Category: Self-Help

The Zingg is a douchebag free zone: Enter at your own risk!

The Zingg is part of an introspective vision based on failures, adventures, and curiosity by Eglantina. Without any claim to have the correct answers nevertheless the reason, in the Zingg there will be conversations about diverse topics of interest from an honest and authentic point of view. Everything will be questioned, and on occasions, Eglantina will share her experiences and most intimate emotions exposing her vulnerable side, but with the hope of helping relieve pain, face differences through empathy, and enjoying the miracle of life!

Each episode will be auspicious to question diverse situations, but always from the comprehension that we are all part of the same complex system, in which being human is simply another component.

A space opened without prejudice to think and evolve, in which curiosity serves as a key ingredient. Under this premise, Eglantina hopes to demystify taboos and question the beliefs most rooted within each one of us and herself.

A mirror uses the light simply reflects the reality that is presented to it. Who do you want to be when you stand in front of a mirror? In the Zingg we will try and make sure that the reflection is not a douchebag.

The Zingg! Double GG – Double the fun – Double the pleasure – Double the pain!

Eglantina Zingg

Eglantina Zingg is a social entrepreneur, activist, media, and fashion industry professional with experience in international communications. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, raised in the Amazon, and currently living in Miami, Eglantina’s unique multicultural background has inspired her to pursue a life in public advocacy, fighting for social, economic, and political change in Latin America and beyond. Eglantina is the founder and president of, a not-for-profit social entrepreneurship leveraging the power of fútbol to bolster the self-confidence, a sense of solidarity, ambition, perseverance, and well-being of girls on vulnerable situations. Eglantina Zingg @eglantinazingg