The Power of Us

About the Show

Category: Self-Help

The Power of Us is a podcast that discusses a variety of topics that relate to marriage, that ever-elusive topic that we all want to get right, but struggle to on a day-to-day basis. With Rosie Rivera Flores and her husband, Abel Flores, we delve into topics such as trust, communication, expectations just to name a few. With over half a million followers on social media, Rosie not only has something to say, she has people who want to listen. Abel adds a great male perspective as the husband of a strong-minded woman, but with his gentle strength, he has a lot to say and he isn’t always in agreement with his beloved wife. Sound familiar? You definitely won’t want to miss this entertaining and informative self help show.

Rosie Rivera Flores and Abel Flores

Rosie is the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, keeping her sister’s legacy and music alive. She is involved in her family’s Christian outreach ministry and carries out her sister’s mission of helping single mothers find affordable housing, shelter and treatment for abuse through the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. She worked closely with Telemundo to develop a series based on her sister’s life story, “Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio.” In addition, Rosie founded Sister Samalia, an organization that helps to restore and uplift women who have been victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, drugs and domestic violence in Latin America. Flores, a Christian musician and worship leader, says he prefers to let Rosie have the spotlight.