Sexolicos Incognitos

About the Show

Category: Education, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Sexuality, Society & Culture

SEXOLICOS INCOGNITOS is an interview podcast hosted by documentary filmmaker, researcher, explorer, and creative producer Eduardo McCausland, where sexuality, sex, intimacy, and eroticism are discussed in depth.

The program features chronicles with experts versed in different fields of life, mind and body who share deep, real and invisible stories of sexuality, intimacy and erotica with the desire to promote a full life, with meaning and sexual enjoyment.

Eduardo deals with current issues that interest many of us and they will not want to miss. For example, the Sexual Fair Play and the Good Manners in Bed; transformism in the carnivals of the Colombian Caribbean; erotic literature as a source for self-knowledge; cooking and the senses of eroticism; mind control for and the sexual experience, underwear, and the empowerment of the imperfect.