Setting It Straight With Selwyn Jones

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Category: Society & Culture

Setting it Straight with Selwyn Jones is a weekly show traversing Selwyn’s unique hot takes on current social justice topics that affect our society. In each episode, Selwyn closely explores some of the most challenging issues on race and inequality, alongside impactful social justice leaders, in hopes to communicate practical solutions that resolve conflicts – one person at a time.

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Selwyn Miles Jones grew up in the Jim Crow South where he experienced extreme racism, poverty, and oppression throughout his childhood. When he turned on the television On May 25, 2020 to see his nephew George Floyd being murdered by a Minneapolis Police officer he quickly realized what he experienced his whole life needed to come to an end. Following his nephew’s death Selwyn made it his life mission to put an end to police murder and violence by carrying on his Nephew’s story and advocating for systemic reform.