Pongase Los Tenis con Rodrigo Garduno

About the Show

Category: Education, Health & Fitness, Self-Improvement

A weekly podcast hosted by Rodrigo Garduño, Celebrity Fitness Guru and founder of the successful 54D studios and programs and his co-host Rodrigo de Ovando, 54D’s Head Trainer and on-camera training partner. The podcast will feature some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs and individuals who will be telling their life stories to help you grow and conquer your fears. These stories will INSPIRE others in their daily lives. Get ready for a podcast that is personal, direct and witty where the only intention is for you to learn the power of believing in yourself, the importance of a healthy body and mind to achieve your ultimate success. Don’t miss it! “Póngase los tenis” and join us!

Rodrigo Garduño

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Creator and Founder of the revolutionary 54D brand

Originally from Mexico City, Rodrigo Garduño has been an athlete all his life. He developed a career as a soccer player in the Mexican league, being part of great national teams such as the Rayos del Necaxa and the Monarcas de Morelia. Upon retiring from the sport, he began to train professional athletes and highly competitive amateur athletes.

His passion for helping people led him to explore the world of motivational speaking with topics focused on personal, emotional and skills development. In 2012, during this process, he realized that so many people had the need to improve their self-esteem, security and confidence, and developed the 54D program, a lifestyle that encourages this mindset in its practitioners.

After the creation of 54D, Rodrigo expanded his brand with the opening of several studios in Mexico, Colombia and the United States while 54D became an international brand.
In 2020, as a result of the global pandemic, his establishments were forced to temporarily close. Looking for a way to continue helping his clients and all the people in quarantine, he decided to start giving virtual classes through his Instagram page. Overnight, thousands of people around the world started connecting every day. Once again, Rodrigo revolutionized the world of fitness and the 54D brand became a global movement.

Seven months later, after seeing the results of his virtual community, Rodrigo decided to offer a more personalized digital program similar to his 54D’s face-to-face studios. The desire was followed by the launch of 54D ON, which sold out in less than 30 minutes.

After the success of his subscription program, Rodrigo did not stop exploring new ways to share his message with the world, and that is how his next project was born: the 54D GAMES. First in its class, the high-performance competition began exclusively for its YouTube channel in October 2020. The format was a huge success with more than 1,500,000 impressions, more than 300,000 views and an audience of more than 63,000 unique viewers. Rodrigo’s brand and the results among his followers gained immense popularity, getting the media attention, who awarded him the title of “The King of Fitness.”

Rodrigo and his work have been featured in some of the leading fitness and business publications, such as: Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, FORBES and many more. He was named the # 1 fitness coach in Miami and Garduño and his head trainer Ovando have been recognized by the city for his contributions to his community.

In June 2021, Rodrigo announced the premiere of the audio podcast “Póngase Los Tenis”, available for free to millions of listeners in the US and around the world. The audio postcast can be listened to on reVolverPodcasts.com, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, and iHeartRadio. Rodrigo Garduño is represented by the prestigious company, MAGNUS MEDIA.