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About the Show

Category: Natural Science

The Paranormal Portal is a show which covers all things Paranormal. Whether ghosts, UFO’s/Aliens, Cryptids, Dimension Shifts, Time Travel, etc. If it’s paranormal, we’ll discuss it. The show, however, focuses on keeping the material light and fun as much as possible and is regarded as a discussion about the paranormal and it’s associated phenomena.

A promo I had written for the show to encapsulate the essence of the show:

“The world is full of mystery. Man’s hubris would have you believe that the world is mapped, it is explained, it has been conquered. But many would disagree. We believe the world still has mystery. That there are layers upon layers of the world that remain unexplored and unexplained. That there is still magic and mystery all around us…if only we would open our eyes and our hearts to understand. Paranormal Portal explores the many mysteries that still persist. Discussing theory, testimonial and possibility in an open forum for all to take part…ENTER THE PARANORMAL PORTAL…if you dare!”

Brent Thomas

I have been a lifelong enthusiast of the Paranormal. From my earliest years, the paranormal intrigued me and I threw myself into anything I could find regarding the subject. Whether that be books or TV shows at the time, I found the subject of Ghosts, Aliens/UFOs and Cryptids absolutely fascinating. For me, these things represented a magic that still existed in the world that our modern era had seemed to forget. As science grew and developed, these phenomena were discarded into the heap of “superstition” and fantasy that was no longer given a place in our modern age. And yet, these phenomena would still surface, even in the face of this modern age. I have had several paranormal experiences personally which only served to fuel my desire to research and understand. I have endeavored to have discussions with other people who have experienced the paranormal. Over 3 years ago, I was given the opportunity to launch the Paranormal Portal which has enabled me to get in touch with so many amazing and incredible people from all walks of life. While I still have more questions than answers, the Portal has continued to be an incredible journey for me and has shaped a community of others who have become amazing parts of the whole of the Paranormal Portal!