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Victor Florencio better known as ‘El Niño Prodigio’ is a celebrity medium and astrologer whose hard work and dedication has led him to be recognized worldwide. With these daily podcasts “El Nino Prodigio” guides you spiritually and astrologically to positively impact your day. “El Niño Prodigio” will answer all of your questions and will provide you with weekly horoscopes, predictions, récipes, lucky numbers, and much more. Tune in and start your week connected to the deep energies in this universe!

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Niño Prodigio

Victor Florencio, better known as ‘El Niño Prodigio’ is today one of the most renowned experts in astrology and spiritual healing around the world. Following the footsteps of his grandmother, a renowned and respected Mambo priestess in Santo Domingo, he is a trusted medium psychic and spiritual guide to politicians, business people, media personalities and celebrities.

He is a beloved personality and contributor on the leading TV network Univisión (among other TV networks in South America), US Hispanic newspapers and magazines and a VIP guest at some of the most important events in the U.S.A. and Latin America.

‘El Niño Prodigio’ continues to nourish his mission by learning by world religions, spiritual philosophies and from many of his travels. His spiritual world (Mundo Espiritual) continues to expand and evolve helping spreading his wisdom, love and light among millions of people.