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About the Show

Category: Television & Film

A podcast about the movie industry for true movie buffs, created by people who really can’t stop talking about movies. We take you by the hand to explore old Hollywood, the current great franchises, and even the most unknown recesses of the seventh art. With a critical and knowledgeable eye, accompanied by expert voices inside and outside the industry, our hosts dig into what’s behind the great movies of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Hosted by Pamela Cortes-Roemer (@lachicaalmodovar) and Anuar Alum Canavati (@cinemageek). Join the Cinemafia.

Pamela Cortes and Anuar Alum Canavati

Pamela Cortes (@lachicaalmodovar) is a journalist and TV personality that specializes in film.  She is also the host of the Academy Awards (Oscars) for Azteca Siete.

Anuar Alum Canavati is a Mexican script writer and film critic. Through his Instagram account @cinemageek he has become a well-known film personalty in Mexico.