Healing with Dr. George: The Power of Chicano/Latinx Art

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Healing with Dr. George: The Power of Chicano/Latinx Art” explores the impact of art on the Chicano/Latinx community by interviewing collectors, artists, curators, and influencers. https://latinoarte.com/

Dr. George Jesus Meza

Dr. George Jesus Meza is a Los Angeles-based Clinical Psychologist who has collected Chicano/Latinx art for many years. Dr. Meza has woven his interest in collecting art into a passion for helping others. His podcast series will explore the intersection between Chicano/Latinx art and its contribution to self and community healing. Dr. Meza is the founder of the “Collectors of Chicano/Latinx Art and Allies” group on Facebook has over 6,000 members. He recently spearheaded the “Healing Murals of Uvalde” the project, in which 21 murals were painted through Uvalde, Texas, to commemorate the memory of the victims of the recent school shooting. Dr. Meza is also a collaborator on LatinoArte.com, a virtual marketplace that aims to increase the visibility and revenue of Chicano/Latinx artists.