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Hola familia, we are Edgar “Shoboy” and Janet Sotelo, a Bilingual/Bicultural Mexican American married couple with two wonderful young daughters. We will be fully exposing our life, discussing relationship drama (Yours and Ours) and current events through this uplifting, fun and interactive podcast that will hopefully (Not Guaranteed) fill you with Laughter, Faith and Encouragement. We look for hanging out with you and becoming part of your familia.

We have been married for 9 years and due to Edgar’s Radio Hosting Career, we have been Blessed with amazing friends and adventures in San Francisco, Dallas, New York City and our current home Los Angeles. Our life and marriage for the past 2 years has been challenged like never before and we will share with you how Faith, Gratitude and Humor has helped us navigate through our toughest times while still enjoying life.
So get ready for the Good, the bad and The Funny as we navigate this beautiful thing called life, together with you.

Edgar “Shoboy” and Janet Sotelo


Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo is an Engaging, Funny, Positive Bicultural-Bilingual Marconi Award Winning Radio Host, Motivational Speaker & Content Creator. He is a proven Personality that provides relatable, funny and positive content regardless of language (Spanish, English, Spanglish) or genre. He has hosted influential and very popular morning radio shows in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco. He is an influencer of positivity, encouragement and fun through his @edgarisotelo social media platforms that reach more than over 120,000 followers. He and his wonderful wife Janet Sotelo also host a fun and uplifting Podcast “Hanging With Los Sotelos and “Los Sotelos” Youtube Channel.

Born in Ocotlan Jalisco, Mexico, Edgar came to the U.S. at the age of five. He credits his success to his parent’s sacrifice of immigration to the US and the support and encouragement of his loving wife Janet, beautiful daughters Ariela and Alani and his faith in God. Edgar has a passion for people and therefore obtained a Psychology Degree from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA, and earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.
Sotelo’s passion, determination, unique bicultural perspective and positivity has brought him to great success, but the best is yet to come in his career and personal life as he continues to live the American Dream after immigrating from Mexico at the age of 5.

Edgar uses his platform to not just entertain but to help enrich and empower his community. He is an empowering Motivational Speaker who has spoken to over 500,000 students and parents Nationwide from Elementary schools to Stanford University. He’s also led fund raisers that raised upwards of $1.2 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and $600,000 for Children’s Medical Center; beyond that he’s been instrumental in getting his fellow Latinos to rock the vote as an Ambassador for Rosario Dawson’s non-profit organization, Voto Latino. He hosted the Marconi Awards in 2012 and 2014; moderated the first Latino Youth Summit hosted by The United States Senate and spoke at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute’s Annual Conference.
Recognition: Edgar has been recognized for his excellence in radio. He received the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Radio Award for Spanish Format Personality of the Year. In recognition of his community outreach, Sotelo was honored at the White House by Former President Barack Obama. Sotelo has also received the U.S. Senate’s Most Influential Leader Award.


Janet Sotelo is a Mexican-American Bilingual Woman of faith that loves to bring joy to others through words of inspiration, Food, Fashion and Family. Janet has a B.S in Business Management with an emphasis in Visual Marketing  (Fashion Institute Design and Merchandising San Francisco Campus). She is a stay at home mother, house manager and manages her parent’s business as well as Shoboy Productions LLC. How she does it? Only mothers would know.

Janet was raised by immigrant parents from Mexico who worked in the strawberry fields of Watsonville CA for 20 years. She’s inspired by her parents who showed their resilience to reach the American dream as they ended up opening up their own businesses and are successful entrepreneurs now.

She met her wonderful, fun and talented husband, Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo in 2005 in San Francisco, California and has had the Blessing to experience life in Dallas, New York and now living in Los Angeles. She’s enjoying life with her two wonderful daughters Ariela Natalia, Alani Isabela Sotelo and her husband Edgar. She is an influencer of positivity, faith and fashion through her @discoveringagape social media platforms, “Hanging With Los Sotelos” Podcast and Los Sotelos Youtube Channel that reach more than 20,000 followers.