For Blood or Justice

About the Show

Category: Drama, Fiction

It is the summer of 1977 and Texas lawman Cotton De la Croix is on the hunt for two psychotic killers who brutally murdered his family. His journey takes him through the sweltering no-man’s land of Texas and across the Mexican border where an escaped Nazi, Derr Russe, has been conducting monstrous human experiments for the past three decades with great effect. Unknown to Cotton and his sidekicks is that the entire nefarious operation has been orchestrated by a clandestine band of US Black Op’s, led by an unscrupulous General and his tight knit faction of spies. Who will survive? Who will perish? And who will become Der Russe’s next experiment? Sangre Del Diablo (Danny Trejo) • Cotton De La Croix (Kellan Lutz) • Angel/Christina (Tara Strong). •. AlexJames (Eric Bauza) • Yada (Jearnest Corchado) • Richard Ray – Chief Medical Examiner (Zach Grenier) • The General (Xander Berkeley) • Turner/Steward/Soldier (Phil Lamarr) • Wicks (Wallace Langham) • Janet – Assistant Medical Examiner/Border Dispatch (Lori Alan) • Der Russe/Deputy Hooper/Strip Club MC (Maurice Lamarche) • Special Agent Williams (Steven Weber) • Mustache (Spencer Garrett) • Sideburns (Geoffrey Blake) • Mrs. Perkins/CIA Operator (Sarah Clarke) • Border Agent Wolter/Strip Club Barker (Scott Parkin) • Hope (Ozioma Akagha) • Special Agent Taylor (Scott Weil) • Senator Perkins (Mike McColl) • Deputy Charlie (Ogie Banks) • Skyler (Kristin Slaysman) • Spencer/Strip Club Manager (Vincent Corazza) • Candy/Hotel Operator/Customer (Jane Cooke) • Deputy Duane (Jeff LeBeau) • Bus Driver/Paramedic/Strip Club Patron (Mikey Kelley) • Abuelita/Bus Passenger (Fabiola Stevenson) • Thug/Border Announcer/Mean Soldier (Gabriel Romero) • Paulo/Bus Passenger/Strip Club Patron (Kevin Andrew Rivera) • Strip Club Waitress/Bus Passenger (Kelci Cerri) • Scotty (Bentley Lee Conger) • Radio DJ/Used Car Salesman (Ben McCain) • Bus Passenger (Jennifer Resolme) • Newscaster/Portly Deputy (Christopher Hatfield) • Border Announcer/Monotone Man (Mocean Melvin) • Bus Passenger (Rosie Ayala)