Encuentros Astrológicos

About the Show

Category: Religion & Spirituality

Astrology is a universal language. It is a symbol interpretation system that allows forecasting earthly and human events by observing the stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.

In this exciting Podcast, we will explore all the angles of Astrology so you can change your way of feeling, your way of thinking, and, consequently, your way of living. As a result, you will experience a lighter life, more connected and above all, aligned with nature.

In Astrological Encounters, you can:

Learn how to get to know yourself deeply.
Know and understand those around you.
Make the right decisions.
Select favorable dates for your activities.
Take care and benefit your body.
Grow spiritually.
And mainly, how to evolve as a human being.
Welcome to this beautiful journey through the stars, welcome to Astrological Encounters.