El Emprendedor del Millón

About the Show

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The Millionaire Entrepreneur podcast will give you strategies, tools and secrets that successful entrepreneurs have used to reach the long-awaited mark of the first million dollars in sales.

In each episode, an entrepreneur who has achieved this goal is interviewed, and he will share his experience and knowledge about how he built his business from scratch, overcoming the obstacles and challenges that arose along the way.

Only entrepreneurs with a turnover of more than $1 million will be interviewed, to ensure that the conversations are relevant to those seeking to reach this goal in their business journey.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, strategies, and practical tips to grow your business to the million, this is the podcast for you.

Victor Hugo Manzanilla

Emprendedor en serie y CEO de MicroSalt Inc, una empresa que llevó desde cero a una valoración actual de $5,000,000 USD. Tiene más de 15 años de experiencia como ejecutivo de empresas Fortune 500 (Procter & Gamble y Office Depot)

Posee una certificación de negocios y finanzas corporativas de la Universidad de Harvard.

Autor bestseller de 2 libros publicados por HarperCollins.