El Club de David y Goliath

About the Show

Category: Religion & Spirituality, Science & Medicine

The story tells that there is a struggle between two disparate forces. A battle between David and Goliath.

In big cities we live in a complex reality full of visible and invisible facts. We are a David waging a fight on unequal terms against a Goliath that feeds on our darkest uncertainties.

In this Podcast we propose you to be the David of this battle, seeking the knowledge and tools that free us from our deepest chains and bring out the best in each one of us. Interviews about Spirituality, science, mysteries, real facts and much more! Wake up David! Let’s go together to defeat Goliath! We will wait for you!

Jose Luis Fajin and Pato Mir

Jose Luis Fajin graduated from “La Fundación Universidad del Cine,” in Argentina, where he obtained a degree in Cinematography and Direction.  He is the creator and founder of his own company 3 Up Films, where he acquired remarkable experience in sales, planning, and marketing management. He has been linked to important companies within the business such as Channel 62 and Azteca America, where he served as post-production manager and documentary filmmaker. In his last role at “Universal Cinergia” he was in charge of the US Hispanic Market and LATAM. With more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment world, Jose Luis has a wide range of experience in create and produce high quality international content


Pato Mir (Patricia Mir) Journalist. Clinical Laboratory Technician, specialized in clinical hematology and Molecular Biology. Postgraduate in Scientific Journalism in the Scientific Dissemination Program of CONICET, the Institute of Biochemical Research of the Campomar Foundation and the University of Buenos Aires.

In 2009, she founded Let Flow Conscious Entertainment and Let Flow Multimedia Communication, creating, producing and post-producing various products related to culture, science and well-being. She studied at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts.

She is the host and producer of various Radio and Television programs for the US and Latin America. She has been linked to important film production companies, performing executive and creative production of different products. 3c Films Group, Digital Hands, Policarpo Film Productions, Cerro films among others.

Media: Ibero-American Radio and Television Chain, Amèrica T.V. , Present Radio, The pop Radio. Radio del Pueblo, Radio Mitre, Tiempo Argentino, among others.