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Host Craig Bromell was labeled the “COPFATHER” by the media for taking a hard stand protecting the police officers rights when he was President of The Toronto Police Association. He explains his beliefs and the reason for his Podcast.

Craig Bromell

Craig Bromell served the Toronto Police Service for 26 years, which included six years as President of the Toronto Police Association. As TPA President, Bromell negotiated three bargaining contracts for his 8,000 members totalling 24% in raises with dramatic improvements to pension and medical packages.

Bromell’s combative approach and his efforts to protect police officer rights in North America drew unprecedented attention from the media who swiftly labelled him the Copfather.

After his retirement from the TPA, Bromell was inducted into the Canadian Police Association ‘HALL OF FAME’ in 2006, joining a very exclusive group of police veterans. Bromell hosted the wildly popular daily talk show ’The Beat’ followed by ’The Bromell Show’ on AM 640 from 2004 – 2007. Bromell went from there to Executive Producer and creator of the TV show ’The Bridge’, a CTV-CBS series about Bromell’s life as TPA President.

Bromell is a security consultant specializing in risk management. He is also President of the Building Union of Canada (BUC), a construction union rebuilding the confidence of the Union experience in Canada.