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What makes a healthy person? In Control your Well-being I will talk about how we can live well if we focus on our food system. What we eat determines a lot of who we are and I want to help you manage your weight, your diabetes, recover your energy and eradicate joint pain.

Conventional medicine is more than 30 years old. Science has come a long way since then, and today there is a totally revolutionary way to understand your physical and mental health in a functional way. Transform your life. Small things, with perseverance and understanding, have the biggest changes. This podcast is for all those who want to take control of their well-being.

Moishe Sandler

Moishe Sandler, better known as Health Coach Sandler, is a former businessman who, after suffering and recovering from cancer, decided he wanted to help other people control their well-being. 

Moishe is among the few Mexicans certified by the National Board of Health for Health and Wellness Coaching. He specializes in functional medicine and functional nutrition. He’s become one of the most important figures in social media regarding health and well-being by helping people over 50 to lose weight, diabetes, energy and joints. 

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Controla Tu Bienestar