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Welcome to ‘BROmeando’! Get ready for a journey full of laughter and fun moments as we explore transcendental topics together with a touch of humor and fun with Juan and Rosie Rivera.

Juan Rivera and Rosie Rivera

Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Saavedra is a Mexican-American singer and producer born in Long Beach, California. Rivera is one of the most prominent families, leading in regional Mexican music in the United States. His songs “El Ser Equivocado” and “La Lampara” ranked on the Billboard Latin charts.
Juan began his career in the entertainment industry in 1995 and has worked there ever since. The first single he ever released was Los Atizados, released in 1995 when Juan was sixteen.
His screen debut came in the 1994 film La dinastia de Los Perez, where he played Jose Luis Perez.
Singer, composer, and producer Juan Rivera has contributed to the development of the music industry, managing the renowned record label Cintas Acuario and the creation of his label LINEA Music, in which he has worked to develop new artists. Recently, Juan participated in La Casa De Los Famosos.


Rosie Rivera
Her first book, ‘My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family and Love’ was brought out in 2016. This book deals with the traumatic and heart-wrenching experience of sexual abuse that she had to have at a tender age and how her family’s support, love, and faith helped her heal from within.
Rosie is also the spokesperson and model for young women who go through the pain of being subjected to sexual abuse. Through her story, she tries to uplift the morale of victims like her. Rivera has written three books My Broken Pieces, Take Your Power Back, and God is Your Defender, her books and all her projects have the same purpose: spread the Good News of Salvation and healing. Rosie Rivera is currently one of the most established stars in the industry in the U.S.