About the Show

Category: Music, Music Interviews

Hosted in Spanish by Paola Sasso, Blalala is a fast paced, fun and lighthearted music centric show with a different guest artist on each episode. Tune in to keep up with the latest music launches, pop culture news and trends. Call-ins are always encouraged and a lucky few can get to interact live with their favorite artists! 

Paola Sasso

Paola Sasso is a Mexican TV & Radio host with a passion for music & wellness. Her bubbly personality, great style and endless creativity have made her one of the most important names in entertainment and social media in Mexico, where she’s remained as a Trending Topic daily for the last 2 years, established herself as a TikTok personality and currently holds the title of the most listened to woman in radio during the morning.

Throughout the years Paola has worked with some of the top names in music such as Natti Natasha, Piso 21, TINI, Carlos Rivera, Rauw Alenajdro, Jhay Cortez and Carlos Vives. Her interviews are known for being genuine, down to earth and disruptive, always bringing out the artist’s most authentic self.

Paola also stands out as a business woman and avid promoter of fitness & wellness for both women and men through her famous “Tipsasso”. In her experience, hard work and perseverance can make any dream come true, therefore, she’s constantly encouraging her community to always strive for more and lead a positive life.