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Have you ever heard of angels? Do you know how they are? How do they look? What is its power? And if we really have guardian angels, where are they?

Ángeles en tu Mundo is the program that will awaken in you the special connection that you have always had by right of conscience to the angelic kingdom. They, the angels, by the hand of Geovana Aispuro, an angelologist experienced with these light energies, will guide you to heal your emotional blocks through deep meditations that will immerse you in the celestial world.

In each episode we will receive messages channeled with numerology, the angelic language, which will allow you to decipher the codes that are being sent to you to respond to what you need. And we will present the angelic frequencies to free you from all the karmic loads that you have dragged in your life.

We will also learn rituals to give your inner mind the confidence it needs to keep you at peace and in connection with your angelic guides. And we will be surprised by the interviews with people who have testimonies about the presence of angels in their lives.

Learn more about this wonderful world, spread your wings and receive your Angels.

Geovana Aispuro

Geovana Aispuro is clairvoyant, angelologist and hypnotherapist and helps people to solve emotional blocks with her methodology “Healing Therapy with Angels”. Clairvoyant from birth, with real experiences contacting angels and non-visible beings.  Journalist by profession and Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Certified in Mindfulness,
bio bases of neuroemotion, bio magnetic pair, Reiki, Tameana with Pleiades energy.  Aispuro is also a musician-therapist, practitioner of Mayan and Andean shamanism, as well as psychomagic acts.  Producer at Conexion Aura, Columnist at MundoHispánico, motivational speaker at Unity North Atlanta, facilitator of Angels Courses and Angelic Magic topics, and Member of the International League of Leaders. Founder of Poder Mágico Marketplace and author of her forthcoming book “Ángeles Guiando tu Vida”.