reVolver Podcasts Goes “Sin Pelos En la Lengua” – Without Mincing Words

Dallas, TX – October 27, 2022 – reVolver Podcasts goes without mincing any words, this time with a blockbuster show that empowers women and provides them with tools to improve their daily lives.
The program hosted by Anais, Armida, and La Flaka, is already a success amongst podcast audiences. Three different women with the same objective, to make sure that you enjoy yourself with topics that interest modern women, ranging from the most mundane to highly complex, including relationships, sexuality, and health. In summary, what everyone talks about and no one dares to talk about. A space where women can be themselves and men can finally understand them. Nobody can stop Anais, Armida, and “La Flaca” because they are willing to have their voices heard and speak their mind.
“We are very excited to partner with the amazing company reVolver, the world’s leading distributor of multicultural podcasts. The show, without mincing words with Anais, Armida & La Flaka, aims to empower women and provide them with tools to improve their daily lives. We believe that by contributing positive topics, our listeners will feel the warmth of a friendly voice and, at the same time, have a pleasant time; speaking with honesty and humor and without mincing, words are the main characteristics of this podcast. We want to be your voice, we want to be your support, and above all, we want to be your company every week.” said Anais, Armida, and La Flaka.
“Anais, Armida, and La Flaka are terrific talent, and their topics are always refreshing, captivating, and deep with women’s wisdom. Women dominate our audience, and at reVolver, we are always working to bring the best female-oriented shows and talent,” said Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts.
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