reVolver Podcasts Breaks New Ground by Ranking #19 on Podtrac Ranking

Dallas, Texas – November 9, 2023 – reVolver Podcasts, the leading multicultural podcast platform, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking achievement of securing the 19th spot on the Podtrac Ranking, marking a historic milestone for the podcasting industry.

The Podcast Industry Audience Rankings from Podtrac is a game-changer, providing advertisers with the same level of transparency for monthly podcast audience sizes that they have for all other types of digital media. For the first time, advertisers have a reliable metric to gauge the popularity and reach of podcast shows and publishers across all devices and apps.

Podtrac, the world’s largest podcast analytics company, has emerged as the go-to resource for podcast advertisers, publishers, and networks, measuring over 2 billion podcast streams and downloads monthly. With its advanced measurement system and 18 years experience, Podtrac offers precise audience metrics and rankings for the podcasting industry. This development levels the playing field for podcasting, aligning it with other digital media in terms of ad planning and audience size measurement.

Historically, advertisers had to rely on suboptimal methods to estimate podcast audience sizes, with no consistent apples-to-apples comparison available. Apple Podcasts ranking, for example, was influenced by recent subscriptions rather than monthly audience size, and X surges could artificially inflate rankings. Many podcast publishers self-reported raw download counts, which did not accurately reflect unique monthly audiences.

Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts, expressed his excitement about the significant achievement, stating, “Breaking into the Podtrac Ranking is a historic moment for reVolver Podcasts and the multicultural podcasting community we represent. We are proud to be the first multicultural podcast platform to achieve this recognition. This ranking not only validates the hard work and dedication of our team but also highlights the growing importance of multicultural voices in the podcasting landscape. We are grateful to our listeners, hosts, and partners, specially SXM, who have made this achievement possible.”

The Podtrac Ranking reflects reVolver Podcasts’ dedication to delivering engaging and culturally diverse content that resonates with audiences. By providing a platform for unique and underrepresented voices, reVolver Podcasts has contributed to the rich tapestry of podcasting while giving advertisers a clear understanding of their potential reach.

As the podcasting industry continues to evolve, reVolver Podcasts remains committed to delivering thought-provoking content and expanding its presence in the ever-growing podcasting world. This achievement on the Podtrac Ranking serves as a testament to the company’s dedication and innovation in the multicultural podcasting arena.

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Podtrac is the world’s largest podcast analytics company, providing rankings, measurement and ad attribution services for podcast advertisers, publishers and networks.  Podtrac currently measures over 2 billion podcast streams and downloads a month.  Since May 2016, Podtrac has published the industry’s first and longest-running ranking of Top Podcast Publishers and Top Podcasts by unique US monthly audience, as well as its ranking of Top Podcast Sales Networks.  Podtrac provides the analysis, tools and IAB Certified data to better understand and grow shows, networks and ad campaigns.  Learn more about Podtrac’s services for podcasters and advertisers at