reVolver Podcasts and HiSports Unleash the Power of Multicultural Sports Podcasting with the Launch of HiSports

DALLAS, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the podcasting landscape, reVolver Podcasts proudly announces its collaboration with HiSports, introducing the premier destination for audio sports in podcasting to the US Hispanic Market. HiSports, committed to delivering unique, dynamic, and disruptive sports content in Spanish, is poised to become the ultimate choice for multicultural audio sports enthusiasts.

Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome HiSports to the reVolver Podcasts family. This collaboration represents an incredible opportunity to not only offer diverse and compelling sports content but also to become the unrivaled destination for multicultural sports in the podcasting sphere.”

HiSports Joins reVolver Podcasts to Elevate Multicultural Sports Content
HiSports is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the most relevant sports in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America, including Soccer, NFL, Formula 1, NBA, Boxing, and more. Listeners can anticipate behind-the-scenes stories, one-on-one interviews with iconic sports figures, and insightful commentary from well-known sports broadcasters and commentators with over 20 years of experience.

“At HiSports, we take pride in our new partnership with reVolver Podcasts, enabling us to bring our world-class sports content to nearly 70 million Latinos in the U.S. Our high-rated shows, such as Puro Futbol , Only Futbol, Sporteando, BLK Room , among others, will captivate audiences with interviews, sports controversy, and unparalleled coverage of top sports events,” stated Hussein Forzán, CEO at HiSports.”It is HiSports’ mission to conquer cross-border audiences, expand our reach, and touch millions to fulfill their sports passions through our partner reVolver Podcasts,” added Forzán.

reVolver Podcasts and HiSports aim to elevate the US Hispanic sports audience’s experience with their deep expertise in broadcasting major sports events, including the World Cup, Copa America, Copa Oro, the Summer and Winter Olympics, Formula 1, and more.

The Importance of Sports for Hispanic Listeners and Growth Opportunity
For Hispanic listeners, sports hold a profound cultural significance, serving as a unifying force that transcends borders and generations. The passion for sports is deeply embedded in the Hispanic community, making the collaboration between reVolver Podcasts and HiSports an exciting growth opportunity. With nearly 70 million Latinos in the U.S., the demand for high-quality, culturally relevant sports content is on the rise, presenting an unprecedented chance for HiSports and reVolver Podcasts to engage and connect with a vast and dynamic audience.

Listeners can expect a riveting roundup of powerful content that transcends borders, providing an immersive and unparalleled sports podcasting experience.

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