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DALLAS (June 4, 2018)The Sasquatch Chronicles podcast debuted in 2013 and has since gained a cult following. The host, Wes Germer, and his brother, Woody, had a life-changing experience in Nov. 2012 in the foothills of Washington State. Following that incident, they sought out explanations and others who had similar sightings and encounters with Sasquatch. 

Wes Germer recalls the harrowing evening encounter that changed his mind and life, “They surrounded our car and we could not safely leave the location. I decided to create a safe outlet for others like myself to discuss our unique encounters and experiences with Sasquatch.”

The Sasquatch Chronicles encourages an honest and authentic discussion around Sasquatch sightings and encounters. Each week Germer talks to researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Be sure to tune in every Sunday night on reVolver Podcasts to hear Wes and others discuss the elusive creature. 

“This podcast is unlike any other in our line up,” said Jack Hobbs, president of reVolver Podcasts. “Wes has a very open approach and significant listener interaction. I’m pleased to have them team up with reVolver.”

Additional episodes and content can be found on The Sasquatch Chronicle’s website. Website members receive access to the show’s full back catalog of episodes, additional exclusive shows posted weekly, the ability to comment on episodes and Blog entries, as well as access to online forums. Those who have had an encounter are encouraged to email Wes at

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