Caracol Television Expands Catalogue with Captivating Audio Novela “La Nocturna” On reVolver Podcasts

DALLAS, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — reVolver Podcasts, a distinguished podcast network, is thrilled to present the compelling audio novela, “La Nocturna,” produced by the acclaimed Caracol Television. With 107 engaging episodes titled “Night School, Dreams Never Sleep,” the series immerses listeners in the intricate stories of students worldwide navigating challenges to pursue night education. The narrative follows characters such as Amelia, Luis Herney, and others, enrolled at Graham University, as they grapple with personal and professional obstacles on their quest for an academic title, providing a poignant insight into the struggles faced by those overcoming adversities.

“La Nocturna” crafts a vivid narrative of drama and emotion, drawing inspiration from the real-life experiences of millions who strive to better their lives through education. The characters’ journeys are marked by resilience and tenacity, reflecting the universal themes of perseverance and determination.

Caracol Television, a Colombian television powerhouse, is renowned for its innovation and global influence in Spanish-language content. Producing over 1,800 hours of content annually, the network has achieved international success in more than 180 countries. As part of Valorem, a leading Colombian business group, Caracol Television dominates the country’s digital content network, boasting brands such as Caracol Television, Caracol Noticias, Caracol Play, Caracol Sports, and Gol Caracol. The network’s diverse influence spans television, film, documentaries, journalism, and radio, making Caracol Television a prolific content production factory.

Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts, expressed his enthusiasm for “La Nocturna,” stating, “We are delighted to present Caracol Television’s outstanding audio novela to our listeners. ‘La Nocturna’ is a compelling series that not only captivates with its drama and emotion but also sheds light on the real struggles faced by those pursuing education against all odds.”

Listeners are invited to embark on the enthralling journey of “La Nocturna” by downloading the audio novela on reVolver Podcasts’ digital platform or visiting La Nocturna.

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